Candle in The Tomb - 1 [ candle in the tomb ]

Hu Ba Yi is well versed in Feng Shui with specialization in tomb configuration, which he learned from an antique book he inherited from his family. The knowledge saved his life when him fell into a ditch in a snow avalanche in Tibet. And again when he and his friends joined an archaeology team to explore the ”ghost cave” ofTaklamakan Desert. As he helped the team navigate through the dangers, he couldn’t help feeling that someone had predicted their every move.

Genre : Drama, suspense, horror, adventure,

Region : China

Director : Sheng Kong

Cast : Jin Dong / Joe Chen / Zhao Da / Yang Xinming / gold / gold pay Zehao / Makino / Zhang Xiaoqian / Feng Hui / Kuang Yue Yang

Release : Two thousand and sixteen

Language : Mandarin

Titles : Candle in The Tomb,candle in the tomb

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