Spies Season 3 - 2

The story depicts a group of FBI recruits with different backgrounds who received training for 21 weeks at the FBI training camp in Quantico, Va., and they may become federal agents. Everyone has their own secrets. Everyone has “registration reasons” that they don’t want to know, but one of the most important secrets is that one of them is a hidden terrorist. In the near future, he (she) will launch the largest terrorist attack in the United States since the 9-11 incident. There are two timelines in the plot, one is the “now” line and the other is the “future” line flashing into the plot – the “future” line will describe in detail the entire process of the terrorist’s attack. TateEllington plays recruit Simon, a cute Jewish hippie, gay, from Brooklyn. He used to be a Certified Public Accountant and is proficient in multiple languages. Graham Rogers plays Caleb, a sturdy but somewhat proud “gold boy,” but his performance is not ideal, and it seems difficult for him to continue to make progress. AunjanueEllis plays Miranda, head of the Guandi training camp, a very professional and very tough woman. She never lets emotion deceive her own judgment and has the ability to make the most difficult decisions at the most difficult times.

Genre : Plot,

Region : United States

Cast : Joanna Brady / Pelicica Caopala / Mary Mathin / Jack McLaughlin

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Spies Season 3

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