Midnight sunshine  [ Midnight Sun ]

Katie Perryth (Bellathorne) has been suffering from an incurable hereditary disease in the early years of her life, namely, xeroderma pigmentosa. She is extremely sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and she may be at risk if exposed to a trace of sunlight. Katie’s Daddy Jack (Robert Roger) protects her and strictly regulates her outing time. Katie only stays at home with his guitar and enjoys singing and creating time, and eagerly contacts outside the room window. world. Whenever the night falls, Katie is the only time she can get out. She likes to sing and sing at the train station where people come and go with guitars. Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger) accidentally passes by her on her day. The song was deeply attracted, and Katie could not believe Charlie standing in front of her was actually the favorite object she had ever crush on! To Charlie, Katie's sensational love, they gradually sparked love. But how can this hard-won love be maintained for Katie, who concealed her condition?

Genre : Drama , Love,

Region : United States

Director : Scott Spear

Cast : Bella Thorne / Patrick Schwarzenegger / Robert Rigel / Quinn Sheffield / Zhan Griffin

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Midnight sunshine,Midnight Sun,True Love Now (Taiwan) / Let Love Begin Before Sunrise (HK) / US version of "Song of The Sun"

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