Blue Ocean Twilight Season 3 - 1

In the American drama Blue Ocean Twilight, Harlee came from a very efficient and united police department with a high detection rate. However, her new job may lead her to betray her own colleagues and may cause her colleagues to betray her. Before that, they have been helping her to raise her daughter. Harlee's brothers are all policemen, but in order for him to be redeemed, Harlee must stand on the opposite side of the brothers, which puts her in a moral dilemma.

Genre : Drama , Crime,

Region : United States

Director : John Behring

Cast : Max Caesella / Mark Doherty / Keno Anthony Percy / Vanessa Wande Bloom / Nick Wichersler / Moe Hindi / Casey Killoran / Lynn Marocola / Ade Otukoya / Annie Pisapia / Spencer Plachy / Amanda M. Rodriguez

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Blue Ocean Twilight Season 3,Police Soul / Blemish Police / Darkness in Police

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