Succession War - 5 [ Destiny ]

The rise and fall of the dynasty and the replacement of the monarchy are the fate of heaven. With peace and power, the power is in full swing, the power is held in hand, and the rich can be an enemy. It is closer to the royal authority than the emperor! Jiaqing, famous and practical, fighting alone, defeated the times, and is far more powerful than the people! In twenty-eight days, the game of righteousness and righteousness, whether people are conquering heaven or not, is it inescapable?

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Hong Kong

Director : Zhuang Weijian

Cast : Chen Zhanpeng / Tan Junyan / Tang Shiyi / Li Shichen / Yao Ziling Elaine Yiu / Chen Shancong / Hu promise / Yu Yang / Du Yange / Chen Rongjun / Dai Yaoming / Wang Junyi / Cai Guowei / Chen Yuyou / Zhu Wenjun / Zheng Shufeng / Guan Weilun / Wei Lie / Yuan Wenjie / Zhang Wenci Type: Suspense / History / Costume

Release : 2018

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Succession War,Destiny

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