Legend Of FuYao - 17 [ Rolling ]

The play tells the ordinary girl at the bottom of birth to help her and set foot on the adventure journey of Wuzhou to rescue his companions. During this process, he unexpectedly made acquaintance with the Great Sun Promise, and stood side by side with each other. The two adhere to the belief that “though millions of people go to the temple” and have experienced hardships and misfortunes, and finally succeeded in tackling the fate of injustice.

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Yang Wenjun/Xie Ze/Li Cai

Cast : Yang Mi / Jing Jingtian / Liu Yijun / Wang Jinsong / Gao Weiguang / Lai Yi / Zhang Yaqin / Hu Ke / Gao Yuyu / Huang Yuming / Li Yixiao / Liang Yimu / Alia / Jiang Long / Zhao Chu Lun Type: Drama / Love / Costume

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : Legend Of FuYao,Rolling,Help the Queen / Legend Of FuYao

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