Flower Season 2 - 3

The bizarre gloomy and tear-healed black comedy revolves around the topic of depression and suicide. It tells the story of a dysfunctional family and a home Japanese illustrator. The man who did not dare to reveal the pain and suffering of suicide attempted without the love of husbands. The female mistresses who flirted by the construction workers, their female dragons and phoenixes, the sons of soft eggs immersed in useless inventions, and the weird daughters who did not dare to come out, fell in love with the same girl, and there was a Japanese illustrator boy who did not know how to come. It seems to have the same sexual affair with the male master and everyone has their own secret. The actor is Julian Barratt from Magical Animal Administrator. The lead actress is Olivia Colman from The Town of Suspicion, and is written and directed by the British-English Will Sharpe. He plays forever in Japan. The illustration boy, the black humor of the British drama is mingled with the weird healing of the Japanese drama!

Genre : Drama , Comedy,

Region : United Kingdom

Director : Will Sharpe

Cast : Julian Bharat / Olivier Coleman / Sophia Di Martino / Alice Lowry / Daniel Rigby / Will Sharpe

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Flower Season 2

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