Download Legend of Yun Xi - 13 [ Rumors ]

As a woman of imperial doctor, Han Biao lost her mother from childhood and experienced various hardships. She still maintained a positive and optimistic attitude. He is quite talented in medicine and proficient in traditional medical techniques. However, he suffers from various jealousy and exclusion. By chance, he married Qin Wanglong non-night and he was caught in the court struggle. With superb medical skills, wise minds, and good hearts, he helped crack the poison for the DPRK ministers, helped the king to see the traitors, relieved the plague for the people of the country, and successfully treated the princeling infected. He not only loved the benevolent people with his heart, but also helped Qinwang to break the intrigues of all kinds of countries and people, and quelled the turmoil of the Chu brothers and sisters. After experiencing a series of changes in life, her medical skills were more exquisite and she won the admiration of King Qin. The two looked down on fame and fortune, and jointly studied medical techniques, and finally left the court of the shackles, returned to the hidden forest, and lived a happy life without dispute with the world.

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Mainland

Director : Lin Jianlong/Liu Zhenming

Cast : 鞠婧祎 / 张哲瀚 / 米・/ / 林思意 / 佑宇硕 / 卢星宇 / 许佳琪 / 露露露 / 邵雪聪 / Kaohsiung / 兵兵

Release : 2018

Language : Chinese

Titles : Download Legend of Yun Xi,Rumors,Genius

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