Sacred Games - 3 [ Sacred Games ]

Netflix's first original Indian drama series "Sacred Game" released a promotional video, officially launched on July 6. The play was adapted from Vikram Chandra's eponymous freak novel, set in Mumbai. Police Sartaj Singh obtained an anonymous clue and provided new ideas for his pursuit of the criminal leader Ganesh Gaitonde. As the investigation deepened, the behind-the-scenes mystery gradually emerged. On the surface of the water, there are bigger games waiting for him. Explore the complex network of urban group crime, corruption, politics and espionage behind the Indian economic recovery. Saif al-Ah Khan, Navazudin Siddigui, Radhika Epte starring, Anurag Kasip and Vikala Mathiat Motwen jointly directed.

Genre : TV series,

Region : India

Director : Anurag Kashyap / Vikala Mathiat Motvin

Cast : Saif al-Khan / Navazudin Siddigui / Radhika Epte / Anupuriya Gonka

Release : 2018

Language : Hindi

Titles : Sacred Games,Sacred Games

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