Superman Story 2  [ Incredibles 2 ]

The Superman family returned strongly after 14 years! This time standing in the spotlight is the elastic superwoman Helen (voiced by Holly Hunter), and Mr. Babobo (voiced by Greg T. Nielsen) is taking care of Ba Xiaoqian and Ba Xiaofei at home. The "normal person" home life. This role transition is difficult for every family member, not to mention that they have not realized that the baby's super power has quietly increased. When the new villains in the play began to brew a dangerous and conspiracy plot, the Superman family must unite with the power of Cool Ice Man (Samuel Jackson's voice) to unite with the outside world – but even if they each have super powers, it is easy to do it. difficult.

Genre : Comedy , Action , Animation , Adventure,

Region : United States

Director : Brad Bird

Cast : Greg T. Nielsen / Holly Hunt / Sarah Warwell / Heck Milner / Eli Fussier

Release : 2018

Language : English

Titles : Superman Story 2,Incredibles 2,Superman Special Forces 2 (Taiwan) / Superman Special Forces 2 (Hong Kong) / Superman Family 2

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