Who Wants A Baby? - 4 [ BB is coming ]

Gao Haining and Huang Changxing attended the new drama "BB Comes" in Tseung Kwan O Television City. The two revealed that they had emotional lines in the drama, but there was no intimate drama. Gao Haining, who once again played the pregnant woman, said that this fake belly is tailor-made: there is that kind of weight, it will feel the hard work of being a mother, and BB is like happiness. I hate being a mother, I am a dreamer to be a kindergarten teacher, because children are so simple and simple. Huang Changxing said that playing with the children is two different things. Gao Haining said: I am far from the age of the fine, so I have a care channel. When it comes to playing the bartender in the play, Gao Haining said that he has learned two lessons: I want to continue learning. Although I can't do it, I have a good sense of satisfaction with the original wine. It is really good to have a bartender. Gao Haining said that if you save money, it’s good to open a bar.

Genre : TV series,

Region : China Hong Kong

Director : Liao Jinshuo

Cast : 黎诺懿 / Li Jiaxin

Release : 2018

Language : Cantonese

Titles : Who Wants A Baby?,BB is coming

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